Updated: 21st Feb 2013

"Caring, Loving, Serving"

Women's 1 , 2
Men's 1, 2, 33

Teams from Gippsland with some members from Melbourne Diocese.

Banner Size : L. 1060mm ; W. 670mm

"Be still and know that I am God"

Women's 3A, 3B, 13, 24
Men's 3

Made by Pam Jones

Banner Size : L. 1110mm ; W. 595mm

Love one another as I have loved you

Women's 4
Men's 4

Made by : Shirley Hughes and team members

Rejoice in the Lord always

Men's 5

Made by Lydia Henry

Banner Size L 960 mm W 770 mm

Jesus is Lord

Women's 5, 6A

Made by Bev Cottell

Banner Size: L 1130 mm W 650 mm

The Lord is my light

Women's 6B, 18

Men's 6,12,18,21

Made by Finola Featherstone with Graham Caird, Ann Mayor
and Richard Heathcote

Banner size: L 980 mm W 630 mm

The Peace of God

Women's 7
Men's 7

Made by Kate O'Keefe

Banner size: L 1050 mm W 580 mm

God is our Strength

Women's 8, 21
Men's 8

Made by Jusy Savage, Bobbi Rounds designed by Suzanne Savona and Sophie Watkins

Banner size: L 980 mm W 650 mm

In quietness and confidence shall be our strength

Women's 9

Made by June Bryant and Jennifer Furphy -
each team member contributed a butterfly

Banner size: L 980 mm W 710 mm

The Lord is my shepherd

Men's 9

Made by Marilyn Wilson

Banner size: L 1020 mm W 620 mm

Come to the water

Women's 10
Men's 10

Made by Shirley Wotley

Banner size: L 920 mm W 670 mm

Come unto me and I will give you rest

Women's 11

Made by Alice King

Banner size: L 940 mm W 620 mm

You are the body of Christ

Men's 11

Made by Alice King

Banner size: L 940 mm W 620 mm

Draw near with faith

Women's 12

Made by Ela Phillips, Dawn Kristoff, Alice Needs.

Banner size: L 1000 mm W 625 mm

Journey with faith in the Lord

Men's 13

Made by Elsa Phillips

Banner size: L 980 mm W 640 mm

I am the way, the truth and the life

Women's 14
Men's 14, 23

Made by Sue Brooks & Jill Poole

Banner size: L 1030 mm W 675 mm

Fullness of Joy in the Lord

Women's 15
Men's 15

Made by

Banner size: L 1000 mm W 595 mm

For everything there is a season

Women's 16

Made by Shirley Hughes

Banner size: L 1070 mm W 700 mm

Go forth into the world, proclaim the good news

Women's 17
Men's 17

Made by Alice King

Banner size: L 1095 mm W 970 mm

Your faith has made you whole

Women's 19

Made by Julie Ramsey

Banner size: L 1060 mm W 720 mm

Jesus, the way to the Father

Men's 19

Made by Alice King

Banner size: L 1500 mm W 700 mm

Women's 20

Made by Nan Good

Banner size: L 1500 mm W 700 mm

Alive with Christ

Women's 22

Made by Suzanne Savona

We'll live and speak God's praise

Men's 22, 32

Made by Alice King

Abundant life in Christ

Women's 23

Banner from W20 with added side pennants and attachments


Turn your eyes upon Jesus

Men's 24

Banner not available - too fragile to store. Banner was created on the weekend. As each team member spoke a picture of Jesus was added to the banner, so the banner evolved through the weekend.

Designed by Kelvin Wheatley

Christ in you, the hope of glory

Women's 25

Small banner made by Gympie group reunion attended by sister of Wendy O'Brien, L.C.

Our hope is in Christ

Men's 25

Designed and made by Anthony Marriot - Proctor

Blessed is she who believed

Women's 26

Made by Marie Brennan and friends
Leaves made by team members

We are one in the Lord

Men's 26

Here I am Lord

Men's 27

Growing in the light of the Lord

Women's 28

Made by Sue Brooks

Leaves added by team and new Cursillistas

I am the vine; abide in me

Men's 28

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