What is Cursillo?

Updated: 21st Feb 2013

What is Cursillo?

It is a worldwide movement of the Christian church that aims to inspire people to live out the fundamentals of being a Christian. Within the Anglican tradition, it seeks to deepen the spiritual awareness and commitment of members of our church.

Cursillo is a lay movement of the church that works closely with clergy and equips people to be active disciples of Christ. The three day weekend is for committed Christians and is not intended as a means to bring newcomers into the faith.

Cursillo needs to be experienced to be fully understood. lt provides:

  • A three day live-in course in Christian living.
  • Ongoing support and encouragement for growing in faith through regular group reunions.
  • A challenge to live an active Christian life.

Who may take part?

The Anglican Cursillo three day weekend is open to all practising Anglicans aged 18 years and over through a sponsorship program. Separate weekends are usually held for men and women as it has been found that many people are less inhibited in same gender groups.

What can I expect?

  • A shared experience within a small group in a unique Christian community.
  • A way of spiritual renewal through teaching, sacraments, devotions and ministry in an atmosphere of fellowship and trust.
  • Talks and discussion, worship services and times of reflection. Table groups, prayer, fellowship, singing, fun and laughter, and maybe even a few tears.

After the three day weekend....

The three day weekend is not an end in itself. It is a just starting point that lasts the rest of your life. Cursillo calls this the 'Fourth Day'.

Most participants return to their home and community enriched and encouraged by the experience of God's love in a warm Christian community. Many are filled with a sense of joy and hope.

New Cursillistas are encouraged to join a small group of Christian friends who meet together regularly for prayer, support and fellowship. These small group meetings are called 'Group Reunion'.

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